China Good quality Decouplers near me supplier

With a focus on eliminating engine vibration and reducing noise, EP manufactures crankshaft decouplers that are being integrated into the design of many new, higher performance engines. Our manufacturing breadth includes a full range of injection-molded and vulcanized elastomeric methods, plus advanced and durable damped-spring isolators and clutches. Our most recent innovative crankshaft decoupler offers multiple functions in a single device and is tuned specifically to the application. Designed to include a traditional damper that reduces crankshaft twisting from engine firing pulses, the damping, decoupling, overrunning system (DDOS) also features a spring isolator for the accessory drive for smooth power transmission and is suitable for use on belt start-stop drives. An overrunning clutch in the decoupler also allows for limited clutch slip during harsh torsional transients, such as deceleration or misfire.

All of these features work together in a single product to maximize system stability, eliminating objectionable noise, minimizing belt tension variation, improving system and component life, and improving fuel economy.