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S2 Split Taper Bushings

Bushing is an integral element of the equipment that helps prevent use on rotating or sliding shaft factors. They are used in practically all industrial apps. Their exceptional anti-friction homes and large load-carrying capability make them a requirement in a lot of diverse industries. From design to mining, agriculture to transportation, hydroelectric power, meals processing, and far more, the casing is an vital element of your equipment. This flexible element will stop your equipment from failing, conserving you time and money in the lengthy run.

Dimensions of the S2 Split Taper Bushings

  • Bushing Kind: S2
  • Bore Dimension: 1-15/sixteen”、1-7/8″、2″、2-1/2″、2-1/4″、2-1/8″、2-11/16″、2-3/sixteen”、2-3/4″、2-3/8″、2-5/8″、2-7/8″、3″、3-1/2″、3-1/4″、3-1/8″、3-11/sixteen”、3-3/sixteen”、3-3/4″、3-5/8″、3-7/8″、4″、4-1/8″、
  • Dimension (L): 6-3/4″
  • Dimension (U): 3/4″
  • Dimension (T): 6″
  • Dimension (D): 4.625″
  • Dimension (H): 6-3/8″
  • Dimension (V): 5-3/8″
  • Dimension (W): 3/4″
  • Dimension (X): 5-eleven/16″
  • Dimension (Y): 5/sixteen”
  • Dimension (R): 5/16″
  • Dimension (S): 3/8″
  • Cap Screws Quantity: three
  • Cap Screw Dimensions: 1/2″ X 2-1/4″
  • Wrench Torque: 840 LBS
  • Weight: 19 LBS

Set up

one. Make certain the bushing cone and inside of the pushed product are thoroughly clean and free of charge of anti-seize lubricant.
2. Location the bushing into the sprocket or other component type that accepts bushings.
3. Loosely spot the cap screws into the pull-up holes. The bushing stays loose to ensure a slip match on the shaft.
4. Utilizing the key on the shaft, slide the sprocket or other element variety to the desired position on the shaft. Make positive the heads of the cap screws are accessible.
5. Align the sprockets or portion varieties, alternately and incrementally tighten the screws till they are taut. Do not use extensions on the wrench handle, and do not let sprockets or parts to be pulled out and make contact with the bushing flange. There must be a gap between the bushing flange and the sprocket at this stage to ensure that the hole does not shut.


1. Loosen and take away cap screws.
2. Insert the cap screws into the threaded elimination holes.
3. Tighten the inserted screws right up until the sprocket or other element variety is loose on the shaft.
4. Take away sprocket/element sort from the shaft.

Use of tapered bushings

Despite the title, tapered bushings are employed not only for shafts but for a vast range of apps, including power transmission. These bushings hook up the shaft to the rollers and pulleys. They have wedge-action tapered grips that allow them to lock in location without having deforming the shaft and release simply. Some apps of tapered bushings are detailed beneath. These are widespread sorts of tapered bushings.
Typically, tapered bushings are employed on the shaft in which the pulley is mounted. They are separated, and screws are utilized to fasten them. This can make them best for high torque apps. They are also a well-liked selection for flush-mounted ceiling lights. This is because of to their evenly dispersed installations. They are also used to mount sprockets. They also make alignment effortless. If you happen to be searching for a large-quality tapered bushing, seem no more.
As soon as you’ve got sourced the tapered bushing, it truly is time to install it. To make certain a safe suit, very first, align the threads of the shaft and sprocket. Then, insert the bushing screws into the threaded holes. Following installing the shaft, the screws need to be little by little tightened. Alternatively, you can use a rubber mallet and block to set the bushing when the axle is free. You can then cycle by way of each screw until finally you attain the sought after torque. You can then grease the bushing to prevent contamination.

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