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LEESUN-FT—It is a special winding, unwinding, that is, the surface can be inflated through a high pressure shaft protruding surface part deflate quickly after retraction axis is called air shaft air Shafts are used in the manufacturing processes for fitting into a core onto which materials such as paper, card and plastic film are wound.

Sliding type air shaft introducing foreign advanced production equipment and fabrication technology, adopts refined sliding rings with assembly axis, shaft head for the high quality steel products with black, easy to operate, slitting machine precision. When using, match with our company’s professional configuration of the aerate gun filling gas for the nozzle jet, to make the shaft of off-axle apperance uniform expansion, thereby sliding lock nitrogen-treated barrel, when unloading, holding the deflated mouth then it can unloaded.

flexible shaft Purpose

It is applicable to winding,unwindingshaftoftherelatedmachineincoating,cutting,printing,compounding,paper making,bag makeing,plastic items and it can improve the working effciency effectively.

flexible shaft Peculiarity

  • Main body of the shaft utilize the hard chromiun plating steel pipe;
  • It has aluminum sharps with flexible scalability;
  • Deploying high quality rubber bladder ;
  • Rapid aerating ;
  • Exhausting gas nozzle with good sealing effect;
  • Long service life;
  • It ihas removable shaft with simple maintenance

flexible shaft type

air expanding shaftmounting steps

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LEESUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD established in 2001 and located in Dongguan city.

It’s a professional design and development team, the main development and production of industrial machinery of high precision magnetic powder clutch brake, electromagnetic clutch brakes, air pressure disc / pass-axis clutch brakes, as well as packaging and printing Take-up equipment industry-specific inflatable shaft, pressure sets of folders (inflatable swollen), fast and secure chuck, aluminum alloy guide roll, automatic tension controller, the roll diameter Tension controller,guiding systems. Comprehensive range of products in the take-up device industries to provide a variety of tension control solutions.

All along, we are actively enterprising, innovation, integrity management, service industry more than a dozen set, because of the quality of products and companies seeking strict Ke tireless efforts of all colleagues, resulting in "LEESUN" brand to become the industry leader and has been marketing the country and the exported to Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions.

Through constant innovation and development of the establishment ofLEESUN POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTDas the mainland base of operations and the establishment of the Department of South China factory, have been established for East Marketing Department, North China Marketing Department, to provide users with better products and services, so that "LEESUN" Products more widely used in packaging machinery, printing machinery, wire and cable machinery, paper version of the system machinery, rubber machinery, tableware machinery, textile machinery, glass machinery, woodworking machinery, electronic machinery and other equipment, the battery industry.Our business philosophy: the leading science and technology, well production, sustainable development

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Since 2007 ,our factory use “LEESUN” brand to attend Intermational Exhibition every time,Our products are popular with custormers from all over the world.

2007PTINTCHINA(DONGGUAN),2011PTINTCHINA(DONGGUAN),2012The19ndSouth China International Exhibition on printing Industry(Guangzhou), 2013SIAF (GuangZhou),2014The21ndSouth China International Exhibition on printing Industry(Guangzhou),2015The22ndSouth China International Exhibition on printing Industry(Guangzhou).

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