China factory direct supply common/chrom plated/stainless steel linear shaft

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Tianjin, China
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Model Number:
y high-carbon chromium
less than 7200mm
y high-carbon chromium
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Product name:
common/chrome plated/stainless steel linear shaft
shaft diameter:

China factory direct supply common/chrom plated/stainless steel linear shaft

1. Introduction

The surface of Linear shaft was specially grinded,hard-chromium plated and mirror polished.It has good wear

resistance and corrosion resistance. With the surface of chrome plated rod to choose after high frequency

processing.It is applicable to ordinary standard and special specifications can be customized, with good

quality guarantee.

1. The linear shaft is quenched by high frequency, high surface hardness, good toughness, high contact fatigue strength and elastic limit;2, eliminate the residual stress, the size stability is good, almost invariance;3, hardness HRC60 ~ 64, the surface of hard chromium plating HV is more than 700;4, using temperature less than 80;5, according to the requirements of processing;5, technical parameters see table.The diameter of the shaft is from 5-50 mm, and the length of the shaft is 7.2 meters, which can be directly used. Processed products using a number of advanced new process and eliminate the processing of materials in macroscopic organization and stress, so that more high stability of the axle and the elastic deformation of the better, more excellent wear resistance, in use or natural deformation almost reached no deformation. Products are widely used in industrial machinery, linear bearing, axes, machinery, printing, packaging and other automation precision machinery, chemical, food, medical, marine machinery, hydraulic cylinder, automobile and motorcycle shock absorber device, printer and fitness equipment sliding components.

2. Linear shaft speicifcate:

3. Linear shaft production processes

Blanking—-Raw material alignment—-Quenching—-Coarse tuning—–Coarse grinding—Fine tuning—-Accurate grinding—–Polishing—–Electroplating

4. Linear shaft manufacturing procedure

Blanking—-Annealing—-alignment—-Ending machine—- Grinding machine —-Milling machine—-Cleaning /Fitting—-Packing

5.Linear shaft application :

Linear shaft is widely used in Industrial automatic machine,such as Industrial Robot,Automatic Recording instrument,

Computer,Precision Printers and so on.Optical axis can also extend the life of industrial automatic machine.

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